Title Tech: Become a Property Expert…Real Quick


Did you know that our PCT247.com property portal can help you become an expert on a specific property in just minutes? Our online property profile system gives you access to important property and neighborhood characteristics that can prove valuable on your next listing appointment. Here are is a quick list of the type of information you have available:

Property Report Which Includes:

  • Presentation Cover Sheet
  • Profile Overview Cover Sheet
  • Quick View Comparable Sales Report
  • Detailed Comparable Sales
  • Property Plat Map
  • Ownership/Transfer History
  • Transaction History
  • Area Sales Analysis
  • Available In Spanish

Cover and Comps Report

  • A Report that focus solely on Comparable Sales and an overview of all the sales in any neighborhood. A great tool when conducting your market research.

Property Documents:  You can gain access to publicly recorded documents pertaining to the property such us:

  • Grant Deeds
  • Trust Deeds
  • Notice of Default Recordings
  • Trustee Sale Recording Notices

Each of the pieces of information above can help you become an expert on any property. If you dont have access to PCT247.com and would like to get signed up, email us at cs@pct.com and we’ll be glad to sign you up.



Title Tech: Working with Buyers | Pacific Coast Agent 3.0


Working With Buyers?

Our Pacific Coast Agent 3.0 App helps get the ball rolling.

Working with potential buyers is an exciting and detailed process. Did you know
that our Pacific Coast Agent 3.0 app includes several calculators that can help most questions regarding numbers that a your prospects might have. Below are a few of the calculators :

Quick Estimate
Gives you the ability to generate a quick estimate of fees & payment associated with a specific home.

Rent Vs. Buy
Explains how much money can potentially be saved if a one decided to purchase rather than rent.

Shows a potential buyer how much home they can afford based on their household income and debt.

Monthly Affordability
Shows a potential buyer how much home they can afford based on their desired monthly payment.

Extra Payment
Helps show how much money a homeowner can save if they extra money towards their principal

Marketing Center
Provides some great illustrations aimed for buyers that can be emailed or shared on social media.


Title Thursday: Top 10 Common Title Problems

We have comprised a list of the top 10 Title Problems that we face in a residential real estate transaction. These are easy explanations to help you understand what they are in the event you see one of these on your next sale or refi.

  1. Errors in public records: To err is human, but when it affects your home ownership rights, those mistakes can be devastating.Clerical or filing errors could affect the deed or survey of your property and cause undo financial strain in order to resolve them.
  2. Unknown liens: Prior owners of your property may not have been meticulous bookkeepers – or bill payers. And even though the former debt is not your own, banks or other financing companies can place liens on your property for unpaid debts even after you have closed on the sale. This is an especially worrisome issue with distressed properties.
  3. Illegal deeds: While the chain of title on your property may appear perfectly sound, it’s possible that a prior deed was made by an undocumented immigrant, a minor, a person of unsound mind, or one who is reported single but in actuality married. These instances may affect the enforceability of prior deeds, affecting prior (and possibly present) ownership.
  4. Missing heirs: When a person dies, the ownership of their home may fall to their heirs, or those named within their will. However, those heirs are sometimes missing or unknown at the time of death. Other times, family members may contest the will for their own property rights. These scenarios – which can happen long after you have purchased the property – may affect your rights to the property.
  5. Forgeries: Unfortunately, we don’t live in a completely honest world. Sometimes forged or fabricated documents that affect property ownership are filed within public records, obscuring the rightful ownership of the property. Once these forgeries come to light, your rights to your home may be in jeopardy.
  6. Undiscovered encumbrances: When it comes to owning a home, three can be a crowd. At the time of purchase, you may not know that a third party holds a claim to all or part of your property – due to a former mortgage or lien, or non-financial claims, like restrictions or covenants limiting the use of your property.
  7. Unknown easements: You may own your new home and its surrounding land, but an unknown easement may prohibit you from using it as you’d like, or could allow government agencies, businesses, or other parties to access all or portions of your property. While usually non-financial issues, easements can still affect your right to enjoy your property.
  8. Boundary/survey disputes: You may have seen several surveys of your property prior to purchasing, however, other surveys may exist that show differing boundaries. Therefore, a neighbor or other party may be able to claim ownership to a portion of your property.
  9. Undiscovered will: When a property owner dies with no apparent will or heir, the state may sell his or her assets, including the home. When you purchase such a home, you assume your rights as owner. However, even years later, the deceased owner’s will may come to light and your rights to the property may be seriously jeopardized.
  10. False impersonation of previous owner: Common and similar names can make it possible to falsely “impersonate” a property owner. If you purchase a home that was once sold by a false owner, you can risk losing your legal claim to the property.



Title Tech: Technology & Real Estate Farming


For those of you who are looking to get your Real Estate Farming off to a great start our Pacific Coast Instant Profile might be able to help. Here are a few things that it can help you with:

  • Visually Mapping Out Your Farm Area
  • Selecting and Drawing Out Your Walking Area
  • Viewing All Property Characteristics in your chosen area.
  • Classifying your Properties
  • Making & Saving Notes

All these features are intended to help you work more efficiently in 2016. If you would like a demo please reach out to your local rep and they would be glad to help. Dont have a rep? No problem you can email our Customer Service team and they can connect you with one. Their email is CS@pct.com