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Do you want to show your clients how much home they can afford based on their desired payment? Look no further than our Pacific Coast Agent 3.0

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New Tool Alert: Carrier Route Analyzer

Carrier Route Analyzer


Are you looking for a more in-depth look at you current farm area? If so, our new Carrier Route Analyzer is the perfect tool to help. Our report analyzes all the different mail carrier routes in any city and gives you all the important information you need to know.

Report Features:

  • Mail Routes – We organize all of the mail routes within a given city. Got multiple zip codes? No problem.


  • Turn Over Ratio – The turn over ratio is calculated for each mail carrier route and sorted from highest to lowest.


  • #of Sales & Properties – We give you the total number of sales within the last 12 months along with the total number of properties per route.


  • Absentee % – We calculate the percentage of absentee owners within each tract.


  • Volume of Sales – We add up all of the total sales figures and give you an avg. sales price.


  • Avg. Years Owned. – Targeting empty nesters? Our report gives you the average years a home is owned within each route.

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Open House? | Our App Helps

Our Pacific Coast Agent 3.0 app ( Lite & *Pro ) is the ultimate tool for helping
you educate potential buyers during your open house.

Here are a few things you can do:

Generate Estimates

Easily generate a buyers estimate that includes payment information, closing cost information, property pictures, your info & more.

Marketing Material

Choose from a plethora of marketing pieces which can be customized. Need a flyer about the benefits of buying? Our app has you covered.

Capture Info

Buyer estimates, marketing pieces, and seller netsheets can be sent via email or text
message. This allows you to capture your prospective buyers contact info.

Our Pacific Coast Agent 3.0 is available for you Iphone, Android, PC, or Mac.

* The pro version includes the marketing center. The pro
version must be purchased.

Social Media Marketing with Pacific Coast Agent 3.0






wers. Whether you are looking to educate buyers about the money they can save by purchasing a home or you want help sellers realize that it’s the perfect time to sell, we got you covered. We have created various flyers about buying and selling and have stored them in the marketing center within our app.

What else can you do within the marketing center? Along with posting these on the most popular social media sites you can personalize them and share them via text and e-mail.

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Online Resources :


Looking For Online Resources? has you covered.

We know many of you are always online searching for industry documents, forms, flyers, and booklets. It can get frustrating when you don’t know where to look.  For this exact reason we have set out to continually update and make additions to our website so it becomes your ultimate resource.

Did you know what on our website you have access to:

  • Blank Industry Documents (PDF Format)
  • Buyer & Seller Guides
  • Informational Flyers
  • Training Videos
  • Open Order Form
  • Rate Calculator

These are just some of the great things we have available on our website. Visit to learn more.

Neighborhood Sales Update : Sales Snapshot Report


Want to know the latest sale info in your farm area?

Our Sales Snapshot Report is the answer.

This tool has been one of the biggest assets for clients of Pacific Coast Title Company. Our Sales Snapshot Report quickly helps give you an overview of all sales activity in any farm area. This report gives you the following:

  1. 12 Month Overview
  2. Trend Lines
  3. Owner Vs. Absentee Ratio
  4. Turn Over Ratio
  5. Quarter over Quarter breakdown
  6. Properties Overview Analysis


Haven’t ordered one yet? Contact your local rep today.


New Tool: Expanded Property Report



A new listing/listing appointment is an exciting time in the selling process of a home. Unforeseen circumstances pertaining to the property or current ownership can quickly turn that excitement into uncertainty. Our Concierge Preliminary Property Report helps  make you aware of potential obstacles that might prevent the sale of a property.

What kind of obstacles does our report look for?

  • Basic Legal / Vesting Information
  • Affidavit of Death Records
  • Possible Appraisal Restrictions
  • Tax Default and Mortgage Default
  • Possible Lending Restrictions
  • HOA Liens / Approved HUD Condos
  • Involuntary Liens (Child Support, Federal/State Tax Liens & Etc)

Want to know more? Contact your local rep to order your expanded property report.

Title Tech: Crunch Numbers Via Social Media


Did you know…

That you can use our Pacific Coast Agent app to educate both buyers and sellers via social media about the fee’s associated with buying or selling their home? Yep, that’s right.

The custom marketing section with our Pacific Coast Agent Pro version comes with some great customizable marketing pieces that you can use to post directly to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profiles.

So whether it’s a purchase or a sale you will be able to give them an accurate estimate that includes Title & Escrow.

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